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Distilling Process

District Distillery is obsessed with making the best spirits possible. District Distillery uses nothing but the best equipment and ingredients from start to finish including the small batch copper still that is the star of the show. This magical still takes a run of alcohol and not only strips the impurities using copper and the numerous bubble plates but separates the good alcohol from bad. The only spirit that ends up in the finished District Distillery bottle is the purest alcohol that tastes delicious. Even though the still is amazing, District Distillery uses the freshest local ingredients to curate their delicious spirits. District Distillery sources local grains, berries, fruit and botanicals that are found all over the world but locally sourced.



District Distillery starts our the process with the freshest local ingredients whenever possible as well as locally sourced botanicals from all around this beautiful planet.

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District Distillery employs the highest quality equipment including a copper still to curate the highest quality spirits 



District Distillery is a hands on small batch distillery that personally handles every bottle to ensure consistency and high quality.

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