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Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a local distillery that is obsessed with the beauty and the rich history of the copper still.

The purifying qualities of copper have been used in the making of quality spirits for

hundreds of years. We use the fundamentals that have been passed

on the generations and blend that with modern technology

to create unbelievably pure spirits.

We use the finest local ingredients to curate the highest quality spirits.


Made right here in St Albert Alberta!

Our Story

Read about our family and our business in the community of St. Albert

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Meet Our Team

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger


Meet Allison, she is our behind the scenes get er done lady. It is hard to say exactly what Allison's role is with District because she is involved in pretty much every aspect of the business. 


When something needs doing, Allison isn't one to stew, think about, discuss and then have a meeting to make sure this is what should be done... She just does and does an awesome job. Allison has organically worked herself into the lead social media person and her creativity doesn't stop there, she is also an integral decision maker when it comes to marketing materials, cocktail recipe development and designing the distillery. 


Allison is also a bit of a fashionista and looks great no matter what she's doing, but just when you think you figured this girl out, she pulls a 180 and is happy to get her hands dirty and is the first to grab a paint brush to paint numerous crates for the markets that everyone else has been avoiding. In fact, when she was a little girl, on the way home from school she would "accidently" jump into puddles showing up at home covered head to toe in mud.


When Allison isn't busy secretly running the show at District Distillery, you will likely find her binging a new found tv series, relaxing on the family sailboat or spending time with any of her 3 children. 


Women are the glue that hold our society together and we can't think of a better example of this than in Allison. She is the rock that helped build this distillery and the glue that holds it together. She is seriously all that and does it all with such a happy heart that you can't help but smile as she leaves a little spark of kindness wherever she goes. 

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Here is the dreamer and the creator that brought our distillery to life


Jody is obsessed with all things copper, strongly believing in the benefits of copper and the long and rich history of using it to create spirits. He uses the proven history of copper and blends that with modern technology to create unbelievably pure spirits. He is constantly exploring and formulating new recipes. After all these years we think it was his high school chemistry teacher's fault for giving Jody an award for the highest mark in the class. That has gone to his head and all these years later has steered him to this strange obsession and his desire to get back to lab aka - the distillery. 


Anyone who knows Jody, knows that he is a man of ideas and grand plans. When he's not brewing at the distillery you could find him with his nose in his self-help book, which he is much too giving with his findings, so be warned, if you ever ask him about what he is reading, you may never get him to shut up. If not in a book, you will either find him out sailing the seven seas on his sailboat, selling real estate or fixing up his 1986 Ford Bronco.


From the time Jody wakes until the time his head hits the pillow he is in perpetual motion. He had grand plans and is constantly working towards them with a smile on his face.  

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